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    (debug/stack fib)
    Gets information about the stack as an array of tables. Each table in
    the array contains information about a stack frame. The top most,
    current stack frame is the first table in the array, and the bottom
    most stack frame is the last value. Each stack frame contains some of
    the following attributes:
      :c - true if the stack frame is a c function invocation
      :column - the current source column of the stack frame
      :function - the function that the stack frame represents
      :line - the current source line of the stack frame
      :name - the human friendly name of the function
      :pc - integer indicating the location of the program counter
      :source - string with the file path or other identifier for the
    source code
      :slots - array of all values in each slot
      :tail - boolean indicating a tail call

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