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    (disasm func &opt field)

    Returns assembly that could be used to compile the given function.
    func must be a function, not a c function. Will throw on error on a
    badly typed argument. If given a field name, will only return that
    part of the function assembly. Possible fields are:

    	:arity - number of required and optional arguments. 	:min-arity -
    minimum number of arguments function can be called with. 	:max-arity
    - maximum number of arguments function can be called with. 	:vararg -
    true if function can take a variable number of arguments. 	:bytecode
    - array of parsed bytecode instructions. Each instruction is a tuple.
    	:source - name of source file that this function was compiled from.
    	:name - name of function. 	:slotcount - how many virtual registers,
    or slots, this function uses. Corresponds to stack space used by
    function. 	:constants - an array of constants referenced by this
    function. 	:sourcemap - a mapping of each bytecode instruction to a
    line and column in the source file. 	:environments - an internal
    mapping of which enclosing functions are referenced for bindings.
    	:defs - other function definitions that this function may

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