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    (net/read stream nbytes &opt buf timeout)

    Read up to n bytes from a stream, suspending the current fiber until
    the bytes are available. `n` can also be the keyword `:all` to read
    into the buffer until end of stream. If less than n bytes are
    available (and more than 0), will push those bytes and return early.
    Takes an optional timeout in seconds, after which will return nil.
    Returns a buffer with up to n more bytes in it, or raises an error if
    the read failed.

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# in a terminal:
# $ while true; do date | nc 1234 -w 1; sleep 1; done

# in a janet repl:
(net/server "" 1234
  (fn [conn]
    (prin (net/read conn 4096))
    (net/close conn)))
# note: output doesn't actually start until you (quit) your repl's fiber: