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    boot.janet on line 841, column 1

    (reduce f init ind)

    Reduce, also know as fold-left in many languages, transforms an 
    indexed type (array, tuple) with a function to produce a value by 
    applying f to each element in order. f is a function of 2 
    arguments, (f accum el), where accum is the initial value and el is 
    the next value in the indexed type ind. f returns a value that will 
    be used as accum in the next call to f. reduce returns the value of 
    the final call to f.

See also:accumulatereduce21 exampleSign in to add an example
(reduce (fn [s1 s2]
          (string "[" s1 "+" s2 "]"))
        ["a" "b" "c"])

#=> "[[[x+a]+b]+c]"