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    boot.janet on line 2428, column 1

    (run-context opts)

    Run a context. This evaluates expressions in an environment, and
    encapsulates the parsing, compilation, and evaluation. Returns (in
    environment :exit-value environment) when complete. opts is a table
    or struct of options. The options are as follows:

      * :chunks - callback to read into a buffer - default is getline

      * :on-parse-error - callback when parsing fails - default is

      * :env - the environment to compile against - default is the
        current env

      * :source - string path of source for better errors - default is

      * :on-compile-error - callback when compilation fails - default is

      * :evaluator - callback that executes thunks. Signature is
        (evaluator thunk source env where)

      * :on-status - callback when a value is evaluated - default is

      * :fiber-flags - what flags to wrap the compilation fiber with.
        Default is :ia.

      * :expander - an optional function that is called on each top level
        form before being compiled.

      * :parser - provide a custom parser that implements the same
        interface as Janet's built-in parser.

      * :read - optional function to get the next form, called like (read
        env source). Overrides all parsing.

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